Oral-B 3D White Pulsar Battery Powered Toothbrush Medium



Oral-B® 3D White Luxe Pulsar® Battery Powered Toothbrush Medium. Battery powered. Polish away stains. +/- on/off buttons.

Other Description

Vibrating bristles. Slim handle with built-in power supply. Why is pulsar 3D white right for you? For those who want extra help to whiten their smile, Pulsar 3D White removes surface stain ON and between teeth. How does pulsar 3D white work? It's a unique manual brush with an extra boost of vibrating power. Just turn it on and brush as you would with a regular manual brush! And it's guaranteed...If you're not satisfied, call 1-877-593-4199 within 60 days of purchase. Retain original receipt and product UPC. For more oral care information visit: www.oralb.com or call 1-800-56-ORALB (1-800-566-7252). ©2013.


Recommended to use with: Crest® 3D White® toothpaste - it can reduce up to 80% of surface stains.
Bristles contain an antimicrobial to keep them cleaner. Does not kill bacteria in the mouth or protect against disease. Fully disposable. No need to change the battery or brush head. The non-replaceable battery is designed to last the lifetime of the brush head, approximately 3 months. Actual battery life may vary.
Not intended for children 3 years and under. Replace brush every 3 months.


Oral-B, A division of Procter & Gamble
Cincinnati, OH 45202