Bright Air Daisy in Bloom Juicy Bloom & Raspberry Air Freshener



For proper use, please be so kind to keep me attached to my stand. It's more lady like! Replace me when my fragrance has faded.



Bright Air Daisy in bloom Juicy Bloom & Raspberry Air Freshener. Scratch & enjoy! Air Freshener For Small Spaces.

Other Description

Inspired by the energy of positive living and the love of fragrance, Bright Air is proud to introduce a beauty of nature that is sure to surprise and delight. So lift your spirits and enliven your emotions with Daisy in bloom! The juicy notes of fresh raspberry are sure to bring any small space to life, while awakening your fragrance passion! Chances are your first bloom won't be your last. Enjoy the freshness and fun of Daisy in bloom. Find something special in every day! Perfect for: Bathroom. Bedroom. Office. Open stand to help me sit nicely. Visit us at Fragrance oils manufactured in U.S. Responsibly assembled in China. Protect your planet. Please recycle. 2011 Bright Air.


Keep out of reach from children and pets, I am not a toy. I like to keep my petals in full bloom.