Fleet Laxative Liquid Glycerin Suppositories - 4 CT



Administering the laxative: Caution: remove orange protective shield before inserting. Hold unit upright, grasping bulb of unit with fingers. Grasp orange protective shield with other hand, pull gently to remove. With steady pressure, insert tip into rectum with a slight side-to-side movement, with tip pointing toward navel. Do not force the applicator tip into the rectum, as this can cause injury. Insertion may be easier if person receiving suppository bears down as if having a bowel movement. This helps relax the muscles around the anus. Squeeze the bulb until nearly all liquid is expelled. While continuing to squeeze the bulb, remove tip from rectum and discard unit. It is not necessary to empty unit completely. The unit contains more than the amount of liquid needed for effective use. A small amount of liquid will remain in the unit after use. Left-side position: Lie on left side with right knee bent and arms resting comfortably. Knee-chest position: Kneel, then lower head and chest forward until left side of face is resting on surface with left arm folded comfortably. This product usually produces bowel movement within 15 minutes to 1 hour. Carton sealed for safety. Single daily dosage (per 24 hours). Adults and children 6 years and over - 1 suppository or as directed by a doctor. Children 2 to under 6 years - use Fleet® Pedia-Lax™ liquid glycerin suppositories. Children under 2 years - consult a doctor.



Fleet® Laxative Liquid Glycerin Suppositories. Seconds to use. Relief in minutes. No-mess applicators. #1 doctor recommended laxative brand. 4 adult suppositories. 7.5 ml each.

Other Description

Use for relief of occasional constipation. Fast, gentle, effective relief from Fleet® - the most trusted name in laxatives. Fleet Liquid Glycerin is: Unique: Convenient applicator delivers doctor-recommended glycerin with no mess. Just insert, squeeze, remove, and discard. Gentle: Hyperosmotic means draws water into the stool to soften it. Won't upset digestive system. Predictable: Usually produces a bowel movement within 1 hour. Lubricated for easy insertion. Anatomically correct tip. Collar limits over-insertion. Easy-to-squeeze bulb. Questions? 1-866-255-6960 or www.fleetlabs.com. ©2012 C.B. Fleet Company Inc.


Active Ingredient (in each 5.4-ml average delivered dose): Glycerin 5.4g (hyperosmotic laxative). Inactive Ingredient Edetate Disodium, Purified Water.


For rectal use only.
May cause rectal discomfort or burning sensation.
Ask a doctor before using any laxative if you have.
Abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting.
A sudden change in bowel habits lasting more than 2 weeks.
Already used a laxative for more than 1 week.
If constipation continues after one week of use, contact your doctor.
Stop using this product and consult a doctor if you have.
Rectal bleeding.
No bowel movement within 1 hour of using this product.
These symptoms may indicate a serious condition.
Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center right away.