Igloo Maxcold Natural Ice Substitute - 16 Cubes



Use it in the morning. Care: Rinse before freezing. Hand wash using household dish detergent. Do not place in microwave. Not dishwasher safe.



Igloo® Maxcold® Natural Ice Substitute. Fuel for your cooler. Freeze and re-use. Perfect for coolers and lunchboxes. Cools with no icy mess. Two sheets. 3.50" x 7.50" - 8 cubes each.

Other Description

Non-toxic freezable pack. Use in lunchboxes, coolers or to ice injuries. Flexible when frozen. Reusable. Made with pure water. Made with pure water freeze overnight. www.igloocoolers.com. ©2011 Igloo Products Corp.


Caution: do not freeze below 5 degrees F.
Do not ingest contents.
Discard if sheet punctures or leaks.