Philips Avent My Penguin Sippy Cup 6m+



Philips Avent My Penguin Ssippy Cup 6m+. BPA free. Spout cup. Leak proof, mom confirmed*. Soft, flexible spout. Soft, comfort grips.

Other Description Leak proof drinking. Soft, flexible spout. Soft, comfort grips. Call toll-free: 1.800.54.AVENT. *82% Of moms agree that this cup is leak proof (independent home placement tests UK, Sept 2013). Register your product and get support at 100% Recycled paper. FSC mix board. FSC® C015589. Trademarks owned by the Philips Group. ©2014 Koninklijke Philips N.V. All rights reserved.


Allowing your child to use this product for a prolonged period of time with liquids other than water may cause or contribute to early childhood tooth decay. Always refer to the instruction leaflet enclosed.
Important: To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers, register your product at
Read this user manual carefully before you use the spout cup and save it for future reference.
For your child's safety and health: Check the spout cup before each use. If any damage or crack is detected, stop using the spout cup immediately.
Always use this product with adult supervision.
Continuous and prolonged sipping of fluids will cause tooth decay.
Always check food temperature before feeding.
Prevent your child from running or walking while drinking.
Keep all components not in use out of the reach of children.
Do not heat up any liquid or food in the microwave.
Caution: Before first use, disassemble all parts (fig. A) and clean and sterilize them thoroughly. Place the spout cup in boiling water for 5 minutes. This is to ensure hygiene.
Do not sterilize any part of the spout cup in the microwave without using a microwave sterilizer.
Make sure all parts are properly assembled (fig. B) before you give the spout cup to your child.
This spout cup is intended for use with diluted drinks. Water and milk are the best drinks for children of any age.
Thick, fizzy or pulpy drinks may block the valve and cause it to break or leak.
This spout cup is not designed for preparing infant formula. Do not use the spout cup to mix and shake infant formula as this can clog the holes and cause the spout cup to leak.
Do not overtighten the drinking top on the spout cup.


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