ArtSkills Erasable Poster Markers - 4 CT



1. Create, Use erasable side of marker! 2. Erase, mistakes disappear using eraser marker! 3. Fix-it, use non-erasable side to correct!



ArtSkillsĀ®! Erasable Poster Markers 8+. New! Erases mistakes! Works on colored board too! 3 Dual-ended markers. 1 Dual-ended eraser marker.

Other Description

Make mistakes disappear! Come to our spring filing. Fun effects! Cover a large area with marker, and use your eraser to draw! Contents: 3 premium dual-ended markers (3 erasable inks with 0.50 in. (1.27 cm) nibs, 3 water-based non-erasable inks with 0.50 in. (1.27 cm) nibs). 1 dual-ended eraser marker with 0.50 in. (1.27 cm) nibs. We proudly sponsor Kids in Need Foundation. 100% Recycled fiber. Please retain packaging for future reference. For questions and comments please e-mail [email protected]. Ā©2014 ArtSkills