Kaytee Songbird Station Wild Bird Feeder



Use & care instructions: Hang Songbird Station at least four feet above the ground on a shepherd hook or sturdy branch. Twist cover on top of dome reservoir counter clockwise and move up along the cable; the cover will stay up. Pour Kaytee Songbird Blend™ or any other Kaytee Premium Blend into the open dome; seed will begin to fill the tray and then the dome. Slide cover down the cable and twist it back in place, locking the reservoir. Wash dome reservoir periodically for top performance. Dome reservoir can be washed in warm sudsy water.



Kaytee® Songbird Station™ Wild Bird Feeder. Easy-to-fill. Holds up to 4 lbs of food.

Other Description

Watch, interact & learn. Kaytee Avian Foundation. Education Conservation Research. Central Garden & Pet. Meets WBFI quality standards wbfi.org.™. The Kaytee® Songbird Station™ makes attracting and feeding songbirds easier than ever! Enjoy more bird watching opportunities with fewer refills thanks to the weather- resistant dome reservoir which holds extra seed, automatically keeping the seed tray filled longer. The feeder holds up to 4 pounds of wild bird food. The durable perching surface enables songbirds to perch comfortably, and the special circular design allows for numerous birds to eat at one time. The simple-to-use, easy-to-clean Kaytee Songbird Station meets the standards of the Wild Bird Feeding Industry. Attracts: cardinals, grosbeaks, chickadees, titmice, juncos, indigo buntings, finches, song sparrows, woodpeckers and blue jays. Durable, coated metal cable is looped and ready to hang. Easy-to-fill, cover stays up and out of the way during filling. Strong weather-resistant dome reservoir stores extra seed, keeping station filled longer. Unique gravity fed system allows seed to flow into tray. Integrated seed tray minimizes mess below feeder. Circular perch design allows numerous birds to enjoy their food at one time. Seed sold separately. Satisfaction guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied, simply return with cash register receipt to: Kaytee Guarantee 521 Clay Street, Chilton, WI 53014 1-800-KAYTEE-1-920-849-2321 [email protected]. Visit us @ kaytee.com. ©2011 Kaytee Products. Inc.


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