Thera-Med Back-Pad Reusable/Flexible Cold Pack



Easy to use: Store in freezer before use. Place the blue soft side on the body for 5 to 10 minutes. For max cold, flip the pack and place the white side on the body for up to 20 minutes. Repeat every two hours until the pain or swelling is relieved. Refreeze as needed.



Thera-Med® Advanced Design Back Pad. Reusable/flexible cold pack. Patented micro-bead gel innovation + Dual-Temp® technology: Stays soft out of freezer - molds to body. Reduces pain and swelling. Long lasting cold control. Two sided Dual-Temp® technology. Max cold. Cold. Size: 12" x 12". Great for use on: Back, neck & limbs.

Other Description

Dual-Temp® Thera-Med products are the only cold packs specially designed with two sides for direct contact with the body, and patented micro-bead technology for molding comfort. Relieves pain. Reduces swelling. Reusable. Flexible. Long lasting. Guaranteed durability. Great for use on: back, neck & limbs. Doctor recommended advanced cold therapy: Next generation cold pack with patented micro-bead technology - remains flexible even at freezing temperatures. Easily molds to the body for targeted cold treatment. Excellent for back and limbs and can be rolled and placed behind the neck to reduce pain or provide gentle cooling for a fever. Dual Temp® technology offers a soft side (blue) for gentle cooling and a smooth side (white) for maximum strength cold therapy. No need for sleeves or towels - goes straight from the freezer to your body. Reusable. Carex® caring for you. ©2009. Phone: 800-328-2935. Fax: 888-616-4297.


Do not use cold for more than 30 minute periods.
Cold should not be used by people with circulatory problems unless prescribed by a physician.
Do not apply to broken skin.
If condition persists, consult your physician.