Smart Living 3 1/2 Inch Ceramic Nonstick Skillet



Use and care. Before use: Peel off any labels. Wash pan in hot, soapy water, using a sponge or a dishcloth. Rinse and dry. Cooking: select the proper burner size. Smart Living™ cookware is a very efficient and fast conductor of heat, so use only low to medium heat for most cooking. A little bit of butter or oil should always be used while cooking to preserve the properties of the ceramic nonstick coating. Cooking tools: Plastic, rubber, and wooden cooking tools may be used. Cutting directly on cookware surfaces as well as using electric beaters will scratch the interior and void your warranty. Cleaning: Allow pan to cool after cooking. Do not pour cold water into a hot pan; this may damage your cookware. The manufacturer recommends washing by hand with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water; however, this product is dishwasher safe. Do not use abrasive pads or cleansers. Burning food on the pan may result in slight discoloration of the white interior. This slight discoloration does not affect the performance of the nonstick coating, and may wash off easily with soap, hot water, and a soft sponge. If the stain persists, pour white vinegar into the pan and heat using low to medium heat. Pour out the vinegar, allow the pan to cool completely, and then wash using the above methods.



Smart Living™ 3 1/2 Inch Ceramic Nonstick Skillet. Ceramic nonstick resists scratches and abrasions Eco-friendly cookware is PTFE/PFOA free heavy gauge aluminum for even heating. Easy clean, high heat exterior. Silicone soft touch handle. Dishwasher safe.

Other Description

5 year limited warranty. This product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 5 years from date of purchase. Any piece found to be defective under normal use and care will be repaired or replaced at no charge with the same item or an item of equal or greater value. Individual pieces, along with proof of purchase, should be returned postage prepaid to: Smart Living Cookware Products, c/o Lifetime Brands, Inc., Customer Service Department, P.O. Box 9750, Trenton NJ 08650-1750. Quality guaranteed or your money back. 1-877-846-9949. ©2013 Ahold Licensing, Sarl.


Caution: Handles and lids will get warm to the touch. Always use potholders, even during stovetop use, as under certain conditions handles and knobs can get very hot. Never preheat empty cookware or boil dry cookware, as these could potentially damage your stove as well as the cookware. Smart Living™ cookware is oven-safe to 350 degrees F; however, use great care and wear oven mitts when removing it from the oven. Glass lids are not oven-safe.
Do not broil: broiler temperatures are over 500 degrees F. Use in a broiler will damage both nonstick surfaces and cookware handles.


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