Colgate 360 Sonic Power Medium Powered Toothbrush



ColgateĀ® 360 DegreesĀ® Sonic Power Medium Powered Toothbrush. 33. New. Cheek and tongue cleaner. AAA 2009. Energizer.

Other Description

Outstanding sonic cleaning power! Cleans and removes bacteria from your teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums, for a healthier whole mouth clean. 1. Vibrating head: combines high-speed sonic vibrations with multi-functional bristles. 2. Textured cheek and tongue cleaner to gently remove bacteria from cheeks and tongue. 3. On and off buttons. 4. Its slim, comfortable handle is easy to maneuver and control. 5. 1 AAA alkaline battery. Dentists & hygienists recommend replacing your brush every 3 months. Brush head is not replaceable. Outstanding sonic cleaning power! Combines high speed sonic vibrations with multi-height bristles to remove plaque and more bacteria than an ordinary toothbrush.* Unique tongue and cheek cleaner helps remove more bacteria* Brush teeth as you would with a manual toothbrush. Brush tongue for 10 seconds with tongue cleaner. Dentists & hygienists recommend replacing your brush every 3 months. * Overall bacteria vs. brushing teeth alone with a flat-trim toothbrush. For a healthier whole mouth clean! Unique cheek & tongue cleaner helps reduce over 96% more bacteria* Sonic vibrations combined with tightly packed, tapered bristles and polishing cups help remove plaque and surface stains. *Overall bacteria vs. brushing teeth alone with a flat trim toothbrush. Questions? Comments? Call toll-free 1-800-763-0246.


Not intended for children under 3.


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