Wilton Cake Decorating 2012 Yearbook



Wilton® Cake Decorating. 2012 Wilton yearbook. Sweet celebrations! Dazzle everyone with this amazing candy store cake. Special section: punch. Cut. Decorate!™. Layer on the fun with new edible decorating paper, punches and cutting tools! See page 94.

Other Description

Sugar Sheets™! Edible decorating paper: with edible, flexible sugar sheets! You can do it all: sensational borders and accents, handcut shapes like animals and balloons, elegant 3-D flowers and bows. Choose from 21 great colors and patterns-the possibilities are unlimited! Find exciting sugar sheets! Cakes and treats in our special section, P. 94, and at wilton.com. 2012 Wilton Yearbook. ISBN 978-1-934089-35-4. Printed in U.S.A.