Ruffin' It Lil' Squirts Training Pads - 50 CT



1. Place your training pad in a confined area for housebreaking. 2. Unfold the pad and place the white side up where the dog is kept. 3. Keep the pad away from the dog's food or bedding. 4. Place your dog on the pad so that your dog can smell the pad and become accustomed to the pad's special scent. 5. Continue to keep a pad in the same area so the dog will know where to wet. 6. If your dog has an accident off the pad, take your dog back to the pad as soon as possible to reinforce that this is where your dog should wet. 7. After your dog wets on the pad, dispose of the pad and replace it with a fresh pad at the same spot. 8. Once your dog begins to use the pad on a regular basis, you can train your dog to wet outside by placing a pad outside and following the same steps above. Usage tips: pads can also be used for: Lining crates and dog carriers. Cleaning and drying wet and muddy paws. Protecting car seats.



Ruffin' It™ Lil' Squirts Training Pads. For housebreaking puppies & stay-at-home dogs. UltraLock absorbent core. Holds 3 cups. 50 pads (21 in x 22 in).

Other Description

6-Ply construction with UltraLock absorbent core. 12 hour protection. 1. Tear resistant top sheet. 2. Quilted tissue. 3. UltraLock core. 4. High absorbency layer. 5. Quilted tissue. 6. Leak-proof liner. Extra absorbency = extra safety! Ruffin' It™ Lil' Squirts training pads are engineered to provide 12 hours of protection, with capacity to spare! That's because these pads are built with our UltraLock absorbent core, with capacity to lock in over 3 cups of urine. That is over 2 times the average amount a 50 lb dog would eliminate in 12 hours. Ruffin' It™ training pads, with UltraLock absorbent core, are designed to keep your home safe and clean. Our training pads are also treated to attract dogs to the pads and they include odor eliminators to keep your home smelling fresh. ©2014 Ruffin' It is a trademark of Westminster Pet Products, Inc. a div. of Rhode Island Textile Co.


This bag is not a toy.
To avoid the danger of suffocation, keep this bag away from babies and children.