Progressive Adjustable Slicer



Use and care instructions: Angled stainless steel blade provides more efficient slicing. Works on any flat surface, non-slip base keeps slicer in place. Non-slip side grooves securely fit on edge of most bowls. Slide thumb switch to desired thickness setting. Setting 1= thin, setting 2= medium, setting 3= thick. Secure food with finger guard. Do not use without finger guard in place. Slide food over blade to achieve perfect slices. When finished, set switch to locked position for storage. Handwash in warm soapy water. Protective finger guard. Slide thumb switch to adjust thickness setting. Side grooves allow for use over most bowls.



Progressive Adjustable Slicer. Extra wide for large produce. Sharp blade! Use extreme caution when handling. Remove this protective cover before first use. Setting 1 thin. Setting 2 medium. Setting 3 thick. Try me! Slide to adjust. Lock for safety. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Other Description

This cardboard and plastic packaging can be recycled. Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not fully satisfied, please return this product for repair or replacement 2010. Progressive International Corp


Keep away from children.
Always use finger guard to prevent injury.
Sharp edges.
Use care when operating and washing this item to avoid injury.