D-Con Kills Mice Mouse Trap - 2 CT



Directions for use: Step 1. Insert bait in bait compartment. Step 2. Twist and set trap. Step 3. Place trap in high traffic mouse area. Step 4. When "Mouse caught" is indicated, properly dispose of trap. Directions for use: 1. Baiting: On the bottom of the trap, peel back the small self-adhesive label. Apply bait (cheese or peanut butter) to the bait compartment. Reseal self-adhesive label over compartment, and turn trap over (d-CON® label up). 2. Setting: While holding base of trap in a horizontal position, twist top cover in a clockwise rotation (in direction of arrow) until it locks. A red indicator will show through the hole marked "Set" on the top of the trap. A mouse entryway will open in front. 3. Placement: Gently place set trap (d-CON® label up) on hard surface near wall, or in areas where mice are active. For best results, place two or more d-CON® traps 4-6 feet apart where you see or suspect mice. 4. Disposal: Check trap frequently. When mouse entryway is closed and red indicator shows though the hole marked "Mouse Caught" dispose of entire trap. Note: If trap is accidentally triggered, a red indicator will show at the 'Not Set' position. Repeat the instructions at Step 2 ("Setting") if this occurs. This trap is not intended for re-use. Please dispose of the trap and dead mouse properly.



d-CON® Kills Mice Mouse Trap. Solves mouse problems fast. Easy to bait, twist & set! Guaranteed* to kill. Contains 2 traps. 2. No view, no touch* traps.

Other Description

d-CON No View No Touch® mouse trap: Never see a dead mouse again! It's simple to set, and conceals the dead mouse 100%. Just dispose of the entire trap. Questions? 1-800-228-4722 For ingredient information www.rbnainfo.com. ©RBI 2009.


Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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