Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty



1. Clean and dry surface. 2. Pull off desired amount of putty. IMPORTANT: Use 4 bars per 1 lb. of weight. 3. Roll and knead until soft and warm. 4. Place on object to be fastened and press firmly to surface. Important: Test first on absorbent surfaces. May leave a slight oily spot that can be removed with adhesive remover. Not recommended for use on flocked or loose wallpaper or on peeling or fresh paint.



Loctite® Fun-Tak® Mounting Putty. Removable & non-toxic. Home & office. Paper/cardboard. Poster/plastic. Brick/drywall. Wood/metal. Tile/linoleum. Mirrors/glass. 2 oz (56g).

Other Description

Great for: home & office repairs. School projects. Crafts. Safe, easy alternative to nails, glues or staples. Ideal for lists, posters, drawings, photos. Holds up to 1 lb. Non-toxic. Repositionable. Will not dry out. Adheres to most clean, dry, porous and non-porous surfaces like: wood, tile, linoleum, cinderblock, brick, metal, plastic, mirrors or glass. 1-800-624-7767 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM E.S.T. Monday - Friday. Made in South Africa conforms to ASTM D4236. www.loctiteproducts.com. © Henkel Corporation 2010/41918.