Companion Essentials Organic Catnip



Companion Essentials™ Organic Catnip. Your Trusted Friend™. 100% Certified Organic. Safe, Pure & Potent. Stay-Fresh. Resealable Pouch.

Other Description

Companion Essentials™ Certified Organic Catnip stimulates your cat's natural instincts for play and exercise. Pinch a little between your fingers to release the fragrant bouquet and watch your cat sniff, roll in, lick and chew on the catnip. You can also sprinkle catnip onto a scratching post or rub it on your cat's favorite toy to increase your cat's attraction to these items and steer your feline friend away from your furniture! Companion Essentials™ certified organic catnip is certified as organically grown and processed. So you can be sure that no harmful chemicals or pesticides were used in the making of this product! It is natural for the aroma of catnip to fade over time, so always have plenty of Companion Essentials™ certified organic catnip on hand for your cat to enjoy! Grown, processed and packaged in North America. Quality Assurance International. Certified organic. Quality guaranteed or your money back. ©2009 S&S Brands, Inc.


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