Healthy Pet Superior Odor Control Confetti Pet Bedding



Directions for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats mice and similar pets: Place 1 to 3 inches in the bottom of the cage. Check daily for fecal matter and wet spots. Change weekly or more often as needed. For birds: place a layer of Healthy Pet on the bottom of the nest box, cage or brooder adequate for the size and type of bird. Change bedding as needed. For reptiles: line the aquarium or habitat with enough bedding to provide adequate footing. Note: feed constrictors outside the cage to prevent accidental ingestion of bedding. Not suitable for grazers such as tortoises. Healthy Pet is flushable in small quantities. Flush used bedding one scoop (double handful) at a time, or compost or discard in trash. While Healthy Pet is non-toxic, you should seek immediate veterinary care if your pet consumes large quantities of bedding or if there is a change in food or water consumption. Observation and proper management will minimize potential problems. Always wash your hands after handling used bedding.



Healthy Pet® Superior Odor Control Confetti® Pet Bedding Unsurpassed #1 odor control. Brand pet bedding. Superior odor control. Absorbs moisture, controls odor. Lasts twice as long as shavings. Super soft and comfy for pets. Safe for pets and families. Compressed to 6.0 L. Expands to 10.0 L. Colorfast. Non-toxic.

Other Description

Rabbit. Chinchilla. Guinea pig. Hamster. Rat. Mouse. Gerbil. Ferret. Reptile. Bird. Healthy Pet® Confetti® is safe, healthy and fun bedding for you and your pet. Safe--Healthy Pet Confetti is dyed with the same safe, colorfast and non-toxic dyes that have been used in homes around the world for decades. Our colors won't bleed or stain pets, cages or clothing and are proven safe for both people and pets. Plus, it's virtually dust-free so it's cleaner and safer for your pets. Healthy--Healthy Pet Confetti suppresses odor twice as long as wood shavings or corn cob bedding. It helps pets live long, healthy lives, and your home and your pet's living space smell fresher longer. Fun--Use Healthy Pet Confetti to create a theme in the cage or liven up your pet's living space. Because it's soft and comfy, there's no better way to give your pet a fun area for nesting and burrowing. Healthy Pet Confetti is protected by international patents pending. For questions, concerns or more information, call 1.800.242.2287. For more information, call 1.800.242.2287 or visit