DenTek Dental Pick & Scaler



Dental Scaler: Hold the pick so that the top of the curve is flat against the tooth. Gently pull away from the gum line toward the biting edge of each tooth. Dental Pick: Start at the gum line between the teeth and gently pull the pick away from the gum line to remove the impacted food. After use, rinse picks with warm water and allow to air dry.



DenTek® Dental Pick & Scaler. Soft grip!

Other Description

1. Dental Scaler: Effectively removes plaque, tartar, and stains to keep teeth white. 2. Ergonomic Handles: Naturally guides your hand for easy use. 3. Dental Pick: Safely dislodges food particles and plaque from between teeth. Both picks are made from soft steel that safely cleans without damaging tooth enamel. Questions or comments 800-4DENTEK (800-433-6835) © 2009 DenTek® Oral Care, Inc.


For adult use only. Follow instructions carefully. Certain elements found in dental plaque may cause clotting and an increased risk of heart disease in some people. Regularly rinse mouth thoroughly during use. Do not swallow material removed. If bleeding of the gums occurs, stop and consult your dentist. For additional instructions consult your dentist.