BiC Mark It Permanent Marker Chisel Tip - 2 CT



BIC Mark-It® Black Chisel Tip Permanent Marker. Won't dry out!*. *When the cap is left off for 2 weeks. Long lasting color acid free ink*. *No added acid. No measureable pH.

Other Description

Bold, long lasting color. Marks on just about everything including: Glass, metal, plastic, photos, foils, coated paper, oily and damp surfaces. Acid-free ink*: *No added acid; no measurable pH. Grip zone for comfort and control. Bic Mark-It® permanent markers available in these styles: Ultra fine point. Fine point. Chisel tip. Retractable. To find out more, visit our website BIC performance policy: If you are not satisfied with the performance of this product, please return it to BIC and we will gladly replace it at no cost to you. AP, ACMI Art & Creative Materials Institute Certified®. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. Non-toxic.


Product information:
Protect surface underneath where ink penetration may occur.
Do not shake.
Not recommended for use on cloth.
Won't dry out*:
*When cap is left off for 2 weeks.