Cedar America Aromatic Cedar Sachets



Cedar America® Aromatic Cedar Sachets. The green choice. Absorbs moisture & unpleasant odors. American grown. American made. Nature's most effective way to protect & refresh. The green alternative. Absorbs moisture and unpleasant odors. Use in storage chests & boxes, garment bags, drawers, luggage sweater & shoe containers & closets. Contains: 4 sachets.

Other Description

Go green! The smart choice. The organic, safe alternative to harmful chemicals. Just a few reasons why aromatic cedar is safer: Aromatic Cedar Vapors are not harmful if inhaled. Aromatic Cedar is harmless to clothing and garments. Aromatic Cedar will not cause skin or eye irritation. Aromatic Cedar is safe around children and pets. Manufacturing quality aromatic cedar products since 1987. Aromatic Cedar is a fast growing, non-endangered and totally renewable unique specie of American wood. It is primarily found in the Ozark Mountain range located near our plant in Mountain View, Arkansas. Aromatic Cedar has a pleasant aroma that comes from the natural oils found within the wood. It is nature's time tested formula for protection against moths and other insects that can damage natural fibers found in wool, cotton and other fabric blends. Aromatic Cedar absorbs moisture and unpleasant odors and leaves a clean, fresh natural scent. This distinctive characteristic exhibits Cedar's heirloom value; truly Mother Nature at work. Cedar America supports managed forest conservation including selective harvesting and complete use of the tree. We are proud to serve as the link between this unique specie of American wood and the markets of the world.