As Seen On TV Sift & Toss XL Mesh Litter Liners - 14 CT



For best results, use with clumping clay litter. The fastest, easiest way to clean your cat's litter box! Lift.. Sift.. & toss!



As Seen On TV Sift & Toss™ XL Mesh Litter Liners - 14 CT. New! Extends litter life to save you $$$! 14 X large sifting litter liners. No more scooping! Just lift, sift & toss! Bonus 14 scent-lock disposal bags. 14 sifting litter liners + 2 solid bottom liners. 20.5 in X 16 in X 10 in (52.07 cm X 40.64 cm X 25.4 cm). Fits X-large pans. Up to 22.5 in X 17 in X 17 in. (57.15 cm X 43.18 cm X 17.78 cm). Durable mesh. Filters clean litter faster & easier!

Other Description

Sift & Toss™ litter liners feature a durable, mesh bottom that traps dirty litter while clean litter sifts through, extending the life of your litter and making cleaning quick and easy! Simply lift, sift and toss the dirty litter in seconds... you'll never have to scoop again! Includes: 2 solid bottom liners. 14 sifting litter liners. Plus 14 scent-lock disposal bags. 10 in (25.4 cm). 20.5 in (52.07 cm). 16 in (40.64 cm). Fits X large pans up to: 22.5 in X 17in X 7in (57.15 cm X 43.18cm X 17.78 cm). ©2011 APG. Sift & toss is a trademark of Norman Direct, LLC. ©2011 Allstar Products Group.


Warning: not suitable for children.
A parasite found in cat feces may cause toxoplasmosis in pregnant women, children and people with suppressed immune systems. For more information, consult your physician. Wash hands thoroughly. Do not flush litter. This liner is not a toy. To avoid danger of suffocation, knot soiled liner and dispose of immediately. Do not use in cribs, beds, carriages or play pens. Keep out of reach of children.


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