GE High-Speed HDMI Cable 6ft.



Instructions: 1. Attach one end of cable to HDMI® output on back of DVD or other device. 2. Attach other end of cable to HDMI® input on back of HDTV or other.



GE High Speed HDMI® 6ft. Cable. Audio. Video. A high-performance, digital audio and video cable for all your HDMI® - enabled devices. Supports all HDMI® - enabled products. Supports 10.2 Gbps. Up to 340 MHz bandwidth. Full HD up to 1080p and beyond. Certified 1080p full HD, 4K x 2K ultra HD. High-speed HDMI® cable. Designed for HDTV. Limited lifetime warranty.

Other Description

6ft. high-speed HDMI® cable. Features: Full HD up to 1080p and beyond. Capable of transmitting deep color, 3D & 4K (ultra HD) signals. Flexible design. Provides the highest quality signal for today's digital audio/video equipment. Connection HDMI®. What is HDMI®? HDMI® (high definition multimedia interface) is an all-digital audio/video technology that delivers superior-quality picture and sound through a single cable. Application: connect to HDTV, AV receiver, Blu-ray™ DVD player and any other HDMI® - enabled devices. Easy to use - only one connection for both audio and video. HDMI®, the HDMI® logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI® Licensing, LLC. GE is a trademark of General Electric Company and is under license by Jasco Products Company, LLC. This Jasco product comes with a limited-lifetime warranty. Visit for warranty details and product registration. Questions? Contact us at 1-800-654-8483 between 7:30AM - 5:00PM CST. ©Jasco 2014.