Pet Zone Disposable Litter Box & Litter Box Liner odorLess - 3 CT



Pet Zone® Odorless™ Disposable Litter Box & Litter Box Liner. New! Odorless™ technology! Odorless™ technology prevents & eliminates odors twice as fast as the competition*. Waterproof and disposable. Easy cleanup - just toss and replace. Absorbs odors 2x faster than competition*. 3 pack.

Other Description

Introducing the ultimate answer in feline odor control and convenience! Litter box odors can be absorbed by carpet, furniture, and other household items. Unlike other disposable litter boxes that merely contain waste, Pet Zone® disposable litter box's unique Odorless™ technology blends durable litter box material with carbon zeolite, a powerful odor-trapping agent, eliminating smells at their source and transforming each disposable litter box into a revolutionary household odor-control solution. The Pet Zone® new disposable litter box. Control plain pulp paper disposable litter box. Leading national brand disposable litter box (with baking soda)†. †Third party lab testing - less than 1% baking soda by weight. *Chart measures ammonia levels in parts per million after 45 minutes. The Pet Zone® disposable litter box with Odorless™ technology absorbs ammonia twice as fast as the leading disposable litter box. ©2014 Pet Zone®. 1-800-565-2695. Public company symbol: OPCO.