Method Dish Soap Sea Minerals



To use: turn pump counterclockwise to open. Not for use in dishwashers.



Method® Dish Soap. Biodegradable touch on grease. Natural concentrated dish wash liquid. Sea minerals.

Other Description

A little goes a long way with our concentrated dish soap. All you need is a pump on the sponge or in the sink, and the natural, biodegradable formula gets rid of tough grease voila! The dishes are done. This bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic. Recycle. Always. Not tested on animals. Certified™. Cradletocradle silver. (866) 9.METHOD. For detailed ingredients go to©2010 Method Products Inc. ©2010 Method Products Inc.


Plant-Based + Biodegradable Surfactants, Corn Alcohol, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Table Salt, Light Stabilizer, Fragrance, Color, preservative (under 0.1%) Purified Water.


Caution: keep out of reach of children. In case of eye contact. Rinse thoroughly with water. If swallowed, drink a glass of water to dilute.