Arm & Hammer Natural Pet Bedding



Place two to four inches (five to ten centimeters) of bedding in the cage or habitat depending on the number of animals housed. Change the bedding weekly or as needed. Remove damp spots or soiled areas and replace with fresh bedding. As with any cage liner there is a potential risk of impaction if your pet ingests a sufficient amount of bedding. Observe your pet and seek veterinary care if you suspect impaction of the GI tract.



Arm & Hammer® Natural Pet Bedding. The standard of purity. An odor free home starts here.

Other Description

Odor control: Arm & Hammer® brand natural pet bedding controls ammonia and pet odors with pure and natural Arm & Hammer brand baking soda locked into absorbent cellulose fibers. Cages stay drier, pets stay cleaner and homes smell fresher. Unlike recycled paper products, Arm & Hammer brand natural pet bedding doesn't contain clay compounds, inks or dyes and it's more absorbent than wood shavings. Safe and healthy for your pet: Baking soda is nature's deodorizer. It's safe for pets and people and used for countless cleaning and deodorizing tasks around the home. Arm & Hammer brand natural pet bedding contains no aromatic oils that may cause problems for pets or people. The soft, fluffy bedding creates a natural environment for burrowing and nesting to help pets feel safe and protected. Environmentally responsible: Arm & Hammer, brand natural pet bedding is made from short fiber cellulose that can't be made into paper so would normally be land filled. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities are powered by renewable energy and recycle their processing water. Our bedding is safe, effective and environmentally responsible. Arm & Hammer and the Arm & Hammer logo and "an odor free home starts here" are trademarks of Church & Dwight Co., Inc. and are used under license. 1-800-242-2287. ©2009 Absorption Corp.