DenTek Slim Brush Interdental Cleaners Mouthwash Blast - 32 CT



DenTek™ Slim Brush® Mouthwash Blast Interdental Cleaners. Great value. Extra tight 2.0-3.0mm. Dentist recommended. Extra tight. Removes food & plaque. Sanitary single use brush. Braces & dental appliances. Bendable wire & handle.

Other Description

Non-slip bendable handle for comfort and control. Bendable wire. Flexible grip. Insert brush between teeth and use a gentle back and forth motion to remove food and plaque. Handle bends for comfort and control. All DenTek interdental cleaners: Remove food. Reduce tooth decay. Remove plaque. Fight bad breath. Don't be a litterbug! Questions or comments: 800-4DENTEK (433-6835). ©2013 DenTek® Oral Care, Inc.


Caution: do not force. Under the age of 10 requires adult supervision.


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