Swiffer Sweeper Vac Power Sweeping Starter Kit



Sweep: Dry sweeping cloths have deep ridges and grooves that trap and lock dirt, dust, pet hair, and crumbs. Vac: Vacuum picks up bigger pieces like cereal, leaves, and crumbs. Toss: The Swiffer Sweeper dry sweeping cloths trap the dirt and dust while the bin holds bigger pieces. Empty: When finished cleaning, just throw the mess away.



Swiffer® Sweeper Vac™ Power Sweeping Starter Kit. Sweeps up Large Crumbs & Hair. Dry Cloth. Traps & locks fine dust & dirt. Cleans better than a broom & dustpan. For use with: Swiffer, Sweeper. 1 rechargeable vacuum sweeper. 2 dry Swiffer sweeping cloths. 26.5 x 20.3 cm (10.43 x 8.0 in). 1 replaceable filter. 1 battery recharger. Money back satisfaction guarantee.

Other Description

Safe on: Wood & laminate. Vinyl & linoleum. Ceramic tiles. Marble. Stone. Swiffer Sweeper Dry Sweeping cloths' deep ridges and grooves trap and lock: Dirt. Pet hair. Dust. Crumbs. Filter: Helps prevent dust from escaping and large particles from damaging the vacuum. Powerful cordless vacuum: Sucks up bigger pieces. Rechargeable battery lasts long enough to clean up to 4 rooms when fully charged*. Collection bin has push-button removal for easy disposal of dirt. LED light turns green when powered and flashes red when charging needed. *Based on an avg. room size of 110 sq ft. Good Housekeeping Since 1909. Limited warranty to consumers. Replacement or refund if defective. Limited warranty 1 year. One year limited warranty. Details inside. Contains nickel-cadmium battery. Battery must be recycled or disposed of properly. Vacuum sweeper, filter and recharger made in China. †Mail in the original UPC and purchase receipt within 30 days of purchase. Visit www.swiffer.com or call 1-866-1753 for details. Questions? 1-800-395-5594 www.swiffer.com. For additional information or replacement filters and battery charger, visit: SweeperVac uses the textured Swiffer dry sweeping cloth to trap and lock fine dirt and dust while its powerful vacuum grabs the larger particles like crumbs. Don't mess with the dirt piles and dustpan lines - SweeperVac gets it up. C, UL®, US, listed. Recycle. 1-800-822-8837. www.swiffer.com. ©2012 P&G.


Avoid accidents: Keep out of reach of children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion.
Do Not flush the disposable cloths.
Do Not attempt to vacuum up fluids.
Do Not vacuum without a filter.


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