Here is what everyone is saying about directions for me TM , a service provided by Horizons for the Blind. You can add your two cents worth by going to our Contact Us page. If you send us an e-mail we may use it on this page.


I don't have words to express my gratitude for this wonderful service!  I'm in my thirties, and I have wished for something like this since I was a teenager, long before the Internet became a household name.  Your website not only gives me quick and efficient access to product information, but it has also allowed me to browse products, and discover new foods that I never thought to ask for when I would get help with my grocery shopping.  I cannot thank you all enough for providing this website. 


What fun to be able to go to the site and read the labels and the cooking directions.
Thanks so much. I love the site. I'll be back to visit.


 I just wanted to say thank you for bringing this brilliant site to the world!  Great work and much appreciated! 


[Directions] even includes a fairly sizeable beer section and a quick search reveals that a few entries for Moosehead and Sleeman are listed, so these people are fine by me. I can definitely see myself using this and it coming in quite handy, so give it a look.


I was so excited when I found out directions for me was finally launched. I've been letting a lot of people know about it. I remember when it was in the testing stages because I was one of the people who tested it. The site is awesom. I searched for a bunch of things and they all came up with clear, concise information. I even e-mailed Camille to let her know how awesome it is and how blind friendly it is. Go Horizons and especially, go Camille! You guys did it again.


I am a person with Stargaardt's disease. I heard about your website and I came to browse it this morning. It is very, very helpful and has a lot of needed information. Thank you for all the effort you've put into this website. Lots of people are going to find their lives made easier because of your good work.

 Keep up the good work--I think it is a great resource for blind and visually impaired consumers.

I love this website. I am always looking for ways to have my students be even more independent. They will all get this site.


Your service is sweeping the blind community and I dare say it's the most revolutionary one we've come across in years.


 My students have been exploring your web site and they LOVE it (as do I). What a wonderful and useful tool!  Kudos to you for your work!


Thank you aren't enough words to say for this web site! It's so wonderful! I just checked it out. I can't tell you how many times I've needed to know the directions for a box of something that I hadn't prepared for eons and couldn't exactly remember how to cook the stuff! Wish I had the afternoon to just browse this site! You can bet it's a new favorite on my favorites list!!


 Just a note to let you know that the "my directions for me" site is wonderful!  I had Lean Cuisine pizza for lunch, and was able to find directions really fast!  Thanks!


Hats off to the team at Horizons for the Blind!


Thank you for providing this service. My wife Karin and I really appreciatehaving this information available. It must take a lot of time to research and post this material. Thanks again.


I think the directionsforme site is wonderful!  It's so great to get directions for a Hamburger Helper and information about lotions, soups, and other products.  You have greatly increased independence for those of us who are blind.  Thank you so much!


 I've been a long admirer of Horizons for the blind and co-host a cooking show with Ken Metz on Accessible World dot org once a month.  I just came home with a Claim Jumper Dutch apple pie and your directions are helping me get it into the oven in a timely manner! I teach living skills, cooking, and braille at the Braille Institute and I will be recommending http://www.directionsforme.org to my students. Thanks so much for a wonderful job.


I recently found out about Directions for Me in Dean Martineau's "Top Tech Tidbits" e-newsletter. I am finding this service to be extremely valuable and easy to use. I have looked up a few things on here and have gotten accurate results each time. I will admit I'm not much of a cook, but I think this resource will prove to be extremely useful for me and others in the future. Thanks and I look forward to more being added to the site.


Thank you very much for creating this Web page.


Thank you very, very much for providing this wonderful service to us!