Blue Drops Automatic Bowl Cleaner - 3 PK



Use 1 disc at a time. Remove toilet tank top. Remove tablet from package. Flush toilet. When water level is low and valve is closed, drop tablet in tank near the right sidewall and not near the water inlet. Do not flush again for at least 10 minutes. When color in the bowl is gone, replace with a new Blue Drops Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner.



Blue Drops Automatic Bowl Cleaner. New look! Value 3 pack. Handy individual peel away! Lasts up to 9 weeks. Safe for pets & children. Continuous blue color. Cleans & deodorizes.

Other Description

Safe for plumbing and septic systems. Safe with any cleaners or bleaches. IMS. If™.


Surfactant, Sodium Sulfate, Dye, Emulsifier, Disinfactant, Plasticizer, Fragrance.


Caution: keep out of reach of children.


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