Nuby Snack Keeper - 2 PK



Use: Wash before initial use and after each subsequent use. Cleaning: Disassemble all parts and detach lid when washing. Dishwasher safe (top rack only) or wash in warm water using mild liquid soap and rinse thoroughly with clean water. For your child's safety and health. Please retain these instructions for future reference.



Nuby™ Snack Keeper™. 12+m. Toddler training. Super soft lid. Keeps snacks trapped. 2 pack. BPA free. 9 oz 270ml. Super soft. Try me! No spills. No mess! Easy access.

Other Description

1. Easy to grab snacks without spilling. 2. Scratch free protective bottom. See care instructions inside. Meets CPSC safety requirements. No more messy snacks! Our unique Snack Keeper™ cup keeps kid-sized snacks inside the container instead of on the floor or car seat. The soft flaps make it easy to grab snacks without spilling. Container holds 9 oz. of dry snacks and the protective bottom keeps tabletops scratch-free. 1-800-LUVNCARE (U.S.A only). Designed by Luv Luv n' Care® in the U.S.A. Nuby™ and Snack Keeper™ are trademarks licensed to Luv n' Care®, Ltd. Product design, TM & ©. ©2015 Luv n' Care®, Ltd.


Always use this product with adult supervision. Not intended for use in microwave. To avoid possible injury, do not let child walk or run with cup.
Always use this product with adult supervision. This item is not for fatty foods and is for dry snacks with an oil-free surface.