Post-it Notes Super Sticky 3in x 3in - 1 PK



Notice: adhesive may mark some surfaces or lift inks. Colors may bleed when wet. It may not be suitable for use on delicate papers or surfaces. Cleaning and conditioning products may affect adhesion. Test before using.



Post-It® Super Sticky Notes 3 In x 3 In. Sticks practically anywhere! Made with plant-based adhesive. 3M.

Other Description

Post-It® sustainability sure, they look and stick like Post-It® super sticky notes always have, but there is a difference - a plant-based adhesive1 and paper made with trees from sustainably managed forests. The plant material used to make the adhesive is from a non-food plant that grows annually. Using plant material in the adhesive reduces our use of petroleum. You can recycle these Post-It® super sticky notes so they'll be turned into something new. 167% plant-based material by weight. 3M, Post-It and the color canary yellow are trademarks of 3M. Post-It® notes are recyclable. ©2012, 3M. All rights reserved.