ArtSkills Poster Making Kit



ArtSkills® Poster Making Kit. 274 pieces. Poster making kit. Dual-tip markers. 104 stick-on letters. ABC. 42 paper stencils. A2. 20 poster shapes. 18 borders. 30 glitter stars. 48 stick-it dots. 3 glitter shakers. 3 acrylic paint. 1 foam brush. 2 dual-tip markers. 2 glitter glue. 1 glue stick. Everything you need to make a great poster! 104-letters, 42-stencils, 20-shapes, 3-glitter shakers-0.19 oz (5.39 g) EA, 2-glitter glue tubes -1.37 fl oz (40.52 ml) EA, foam brush, 3-acrylic paint pots-0.25 fl oz (7.5 ml) EA, 2-markers, 18-borders, 30-foam stars, 48-stick-it dots, glue stick 0.28 oz. (8g).

Other Description

Poster making kit. 1000+. Free poster ideas. Visit our online gallery for fun and inspirational ideas! Create your message. 104 stick-on letters. Use stick-on letters to enhance your message. 2 dual-tip markers. Add color to your poster with dual tip markers. 42 paper stencils. Easy to use paper stencils work great with markers or paint. 3 poster paints with foam brush. Cover large areas with vibrant color or use with stencils. Add finishing touches. 18 borders. Enough to frame a 22" x 28" poster! 3 glitter shakers. Add sparkle and flair to your poster with glitter. 30 glitter foam stars. Peel and stick for instant bling! 20 poster shapes. Use poster shapes to draw attention to your message. 2 glitter glue. Use glitter glue by itself or under loose glitter to add sparkle. 48 stick-it dots. Use to attach photos, poster shapes & adornments. 1 glue stick. Great for glitter, borders & shapes. We proudly sponsor Kids In Need Foundation. 100% recycled fiber. Please retain packaging for future reference. For questions and comments please email [email protected] Posters and poster board not included. 1276-0515-PKG. Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM – standard d4236. ©2015 ArtSkills, Inc.


Choking hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 years.