Rapid Care+ Instant Hot Compress & Bandage Combo Pack



1. Grasp the pouch at both ends. 2. Fold pouch in half. Locate inner pouch and position between palms. 3. Squeeze inner pouch until broken and shake. Heat therapy should be applied only after the swelling has stopped or swelling in the injured area may increase. For more serious injuries, consult a physician immediately. Heat therapy should not be applied until 48 hours after and injury.



Rapid CareĀ® Instant Hot Compress & Bandage Combo Pack. Instant hot compress & bandage. Combo pack. Ideal for: Minor aches & pains. Stiffness & fatigue. Muscle cramps. Instant hot pack. Single use *. Size 4.5" x 5.75". * No microwave needed. Includes one hot compress.

Other Description

Contains: One 2" elastic bandage. For light, heavy, or extra support. One hot compress. Ideal for minor aches & pains.


Warning: do not apply directly to skin. Always wrap in towel or cloth before applying. Check for leaks periodically. Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children.


Rapid Care
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