Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Water From Iceland - 6 PK



Icelandicâ„¢ Glacial Natural Spring Water From Iceland. Discover Iceland's Greatest Natural Resource. 100% Sustainable Spring. 8.4 pH Naturally Alkaline. 100% Carbon Neutral. 6 x 1 Liter Single Bottles. 6 x 33.8 fl oz Bottles (6 liters and 202.9 fl oz). Gross Weight 6.4 kg (14.1 lbs).

Other Description

CarbonNeutral® product. Naturally occurring pH 8.4 at the source. Total dissolved solids (TDS) 62 PPM. Bottled at the source: Olfus Spring, Iceland. Independent NSF certified. BPA free. This box is made from recycled cardboard and cardboard from a sustainable forest while being produced with renewable energy. Please recycle. Direct from Iceland's legendary Olfus spring, Icelandic Glacial is a pristine natural spring water filtered through ancient lava rock, creating remarkable purity, natural alkalinity and optimal mineral balance. Clean, crisp and untouched, discover nature's perfection with every sip. For a report on water quality and information, call: +1-424-201-6800.