DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks - 90 CT



DenTek™ Triple Clean Floss Picks. Mouthwash blast with fluoride. No break guaranteed*. Triple (3X) clean - Fits tight teeth. Removes plaque. Removes food. Fights bad breath.

Other Description

Extra strong scrubbing floss. Textured pick. Tongue cleaner. Complete your oral care routine with Dentek™. Easy brush - Brush the spaces a toothbrush can't. Professional-Fit™ dental guard: Maximum protection. Superior comfort. All Dentek® Floss Picks: Removes food. Reduce tooth decay. Remove plaque. Fight bad breath. US Pat No 7,997,287. All rights reserved. *No break guaranteed: We guarantee the floss on Triple Clean Floss Picks will not break with normal use or your money back. Proof of purchase required. Visit our website for details. Call: 800-4DENTEK (433-6835). Visit: © 2017 Trade dress is owned by DenTek Oral Care, Inc.


Floss Picks.


Caution: Under the age of 10 requires adult supervision.