Tylenol Refill Gel Pads Light + Heat Therapy



Key points for reuse and cleaning: Gel pads are reusable. To clean gel pads, use a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe. Replace gel pads 7 days after opening or when they become dirty, damaged or lose adhesiveness. Only use Tylenol™ Light + Heat Therapy gel pads and accessories with device. Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature.



Tylenol™ Refill Gel Pads Light + Heat Therapy. Drug-free. Knee gel pads. Contains 2 sets of adhesive Gel pads. Reusable for multiple applications. For use with knee pain relief kit (device not included).

Other Description

Tylenol™ Refill Gel Pads Light + Heat Therapy is a drug-free device that: Targets pain. Relaxes tense muscles. Soothes sore joints. Important: Adhesive Gel Pads are intended for use with Tylenol™ Light + Heat Therapy (device sold separately). For complete product information, see device instructions for use booklet before operating. Keep this box for important information. Made in the UK. Questions or comments? Call 1-877-895-3665 (toll free) or 215-273-8755 (collect) or visit www.tylenol.com. ©J&JC 2018.


Gel Pads.


Important information for use:
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not apply to damaged or irritated skin including wounds, rashes, burns, and skin lesions.
Do not apply to areas recently treated with topical medications, medicated patches, or injected medications.
Stop use if you experience skin irritation, if skin reddening or discoloration lasts more than 24 hours, or if new symptoms occur.
Do not store, charge, or use near heat or hot surfaces.
Do not use if device, controller, or gel pads are damaged, broken, or torn.
Do not modify device, controller, or gel pads.
Do not share gel pads.