Farberware Professional Soft Grip Measuring Spoons - 5 CT



Farberware® Professional Soft Grip Measuring Spoons - 5 CT. 100 years of excellence. Set of 5. Lifetime warranty limited. Dishwasher safe. 1/2 tsp 2.5 ml. 1/4 tsp 1.25 ml.

Other Description

Soft, nonslip handle fits securely in your hand. Incudes: 1/4 teaspoon,1/2 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2tablespoon, and 1 tablespoon. Farberware® is a registered trademark of Farberware Licensing Company, LLC. Manufactured and sold pursuant to a license from Farberware Licensing Company, LLC. All rights reserved. Lifetime limited warranty: Lifetime brands will repair or replace (at its option) any product defective in material or workmanship, after normal use and care, with the same item or an item of equal or better value. Return individual pieces (postage prepaid) to Farberware Products, c/o Lifetime Brands, Inc., Customer Service Department, P.O. Box 9750, Trenton, NJ 08650-1750. Your rights vary by state of residence. All consumers (including California residents) may call 1-800-252-3390 for further instructions. [email protected] © 2011 Farberware Licensing Company, LLC.