Brite Concepts Furniture Touch-Up Markers- 3 CT



We recommend starting with the lightest pen and test on an inconspicuous area of your furniture or woodwork prior to use. Slide the felt tip lightly over the scratched area in the direction of the grain and immediately wipe with a soft rag to remove excess dye. Typically, following one or more applications the scratched area will darken. If need be, you may step up to the next darker marker and repeat the process. Be sure to securely replace the cap after use. Please allow repaired areas to dry 5 minutes or more prior to applying furniture polish or similar products.



Furniture Touch-up Markers. Covers scratches and worn marks. 3 colors for dark, medium and light finishes.

Other Description

Our touch up markers enhance your furniture by covering up marred areas. Our markers use the same formulas as professional wood makers and repair shops for quick, permanent touch up and restoration. The formulation is tough, colorfast and dries to the touch in seconds. Three color choices blend with most fine furnishings including tables, chairs, cabinets and home woodwork. Easily covers scratches. Made in China.