Prokadima Sport Design



Prokadima® sport design®. Quality sports since 1975. Recommended for ages 5 and up. Great fun · Great exercise. Exciting action game for fun, skill and fitness. Needs no net, court or other accessories. Playable most anywhere. Specially constructed racquets and ball for optimum control and ease of play.

Other Description

© Sport design Inc. A new concept in paddle games playable anywhere. Needs no net, count or other accessories, prokadima is a game of coordination and cooperation. Start play 10 - 15 feet apart. Players maintain volley without allowing ball to hit ground. Continue at distance this until volly becomes smooth and accurate. A skill increases move further apart and hit ball with greater speed. Scoring is optional. If desired, from teams of two. Count 1 point for each hit and return scoring stops when ball ground. team with highest score is the winner. Scoring can also be based on the greatest number of hits and returns within a sixty second time period. Specially constructed racquets and ball give players optimum control and ease of play. Ideal for beach, backyard, campus, playground, tennis club, campground.


Choking Hazard - Toy contains a small ball. Not for children under 3 years