Juice 'N Pour Compact Lemon/Lime Juicer



Dishwasher safe. Rinse before first use. Instructions: 1) Slice lemon/lime in half. 2) Place the cut fruit on the juicer and the lid over the top of the fruit. 3) Gently apply pressure while twisting the fruit over the juicer. The strainer will catch any large pieces of pulp and seeds. 4) Simply remove the top compartment of the juicer and pour out of the spout.



Juice 'n Pour™ Compact Lemon/Lime Juicer. Presse-citron/lime compact. Convenient pour spout. Holds 1/7 oz of juice. Evriholder® Products, LLC.

Other Description

Unique lid specifically designed to easily grip fruit. Middle tray juicer with built in strainer. Juice catcher/bowl with easy-pour spout (1.7oz). Dishwasher safe. Rinse before first use. 1-(800)-975-0335, [email protected], www.evriholder.com. Made in China.