Essence Alkaline Hydration



Essence Alkaline Hydration. pH10. Purified water with added minerals for taste. 1 Gal (3.78 L).

Other Description

The quality of water you drink will have a direct result in the quality of health you achieve. Alkaline hydration is the essence of life. No sodium. Chlorine free. Fluoride free. Pesticides free. BPA free. Please recycle. For water quality report and more information Contact: Call: 855-738-7426. Visit:

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 8.0 fl oz

Servings per Container: 10

Energy 0
Total Fat 0 g
Sodium 0 mg
Potassium 4.9 mg
Carbohydrates 0 g
Calcium 19.5 mg
Magnesium 7.8 mg
Zinc 0.23 mg
Protein 0 g
Daily Percent Of Calcium 2
Daily Percent Of Magnesium 2
Daily Percent Of Vitamin Zinc 2


Purified Water, Calcium Acetate, Magnesium Acetate, Zinc Acetate, Organic Hibiscus.


Attention: Test only with a calibrated electronic pH tester.