Charmin Essentials Soft Toilet Paper 12 Mega Rolls



Charmin Essentials Soft™ Toilet Paper 12 Mega Rolls. 12 Mega rolls = 48 Regular rolls**. Softer*. Long lasting. Clog safe. Septic safe. 352 2-Ply sheets per roll. Total 42.2m² (459 ft²). 9.9 cm x 10.1 cm (3.92 in x 4 in).

Other Description

Get Charmin clean. Great value. Affordable price. Double roll = 2x more^. Mega = 4x more^. Roto-Rooter approved. Clog-free guarantee. Charmin is safe for your sewer or septic system. Take soft to the next level! Try Charmin® Ultra Soft™! Rainforest Alliance Certified. Made from domestic and imported materials. *vs. Leading USA 1-ply bargain brand. **Based on number of sheets on Charmin Regular Roll. ^Based on number of Charmin sheets. Patents: Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the performance of Charmin Essentials Soft, send original receipt, original UPC, and a form completed at to Dept AY, PO Box 1108, Grand Rapids, MN 55745-1108 (for US) or Dept. AH, PO Box 10668, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6V1 (for Canada) within 45 days of purchase for a refund. Limited to one redemption per household; no organizations. Refund is the cost of one package of Charmin Essentials Soft toilet tissue, plust $1 for postage. Allow 6-8 weeks for refunds. Call 855-814-5064 or visit details. Questions? Call 1-800-777-1410. © 2018 P&G.


To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this bag away from babies and children.


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