Barbeque Wood Flavors Mesquite Reusable Grillin; Smoker Box



1: Soak chips in separate container for at least 10 minutes. 2: Drain, then fill smoker box with soaked chips. 3: Charcoal Grill: When charcoal is ready to cook, using tongs, carefully place smoker box directly onto hot coals. Gas/Electric Grills: Place smoker box near burner, then light grill. Tip: Wait for wood to smoke for about 10 minutes before grilling.



100% natural. Great in gas or charcoal grills! Add flavor without adding calories! 21 Cu In.

Other Description

Firewood and unprocessed wood products permit section 581.031 F.S/Rule5B-65 Texas-Florida Master Permit-FL WP2010-06. Compliance agreement permit no. TDA-294. Refill Your Smoker Box! With these 7 great varieties! Smoking chips alder; Smoking chips cherry; Smoking chips oak; Smoking chips pecan; Smoking chips mesquite; Smoking chips hickory; Smoking chips apple.


Smoker Box.


Caution: Smoker box reaches extreme temperatures while cooking. Never handle your smoker box without proper protective equipment. Failure to do so could cause serious injury. This is a natural product and can throw off sparks. Use only in a safe place. Keep away from children and pets. For outdoor use only. Not Applicable