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1) Pile 'em up! Open all grill vents. Pyramid chunks in the center of grill. Soak heavily with lighter fluid. Allow about one minute to soak. 2) Ready, set, ignite! Set fire and let burn until a medium clear flame appears (10-15 minutes). Use heat-safe tongs to spread chunks into a flat layer with chunks still touching each other. Close lid and wait for flame to subside (about 1 minute) before smoking your food. 3) More Smoke vs. Less Smoke. To get a smokier flavor, cook food slowly and indirectly from heat. For just a touch of smoke in less time, place food directly over the heat. Remember: Keep grill lid closed while smoking in order to infuse the natural flavor of the wood and also provides a hotter heat sources, so cook-time may be shorter. Store in a cool, dry place.



100% natural wood chunks. Just right for: Charcoal grills and smokers. Easy to light & use. Penetrates and flavors foods. Impart smoky flavor to: Steaks, chicken, vegetables, brisket, burgers, fish & more! Have a smokin' good time with our H-E-B Smoking Chunks. For any cut of meat, you're bound to achieve tender, flavorful, taste-bud pleasing meals. Net vol. 720 cu. in. Made with pride and care for H-E-B.

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Smoking Chunks.


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