The Safety Zone Latex Gloves Disposable Large - 100 CT



Storage: store under cool, dry conditions. Avoid direct sunlight.



The Safety Zone Large Disposable Textured Latex Gloves. Try us on... Powder free. Seidman Associates®.

Other Description

All safety zone glove components comply with the provisions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act which allow repeated use in direct contact with food. 100 pcs by weight. Ambidextrous. Meet FFDCA requirements for food contact. Not for medical use.


Caution: this product contains natural rubber latex which may cause serious allergic reactions in some individuals. Users with a known sensitivity to rubber or latex products should avoid contact. If you experience a reaction to this product, discontinue use and seek medical attention. Reactions may include such phenomena as watery eyes, wheezing, hives, rashes, welts, redness, dryness, tingling, or other skin irritations; hay fever-like symptoms such as sneezing, running nose, itching throat or nose; or tightness of the chest.