Volvic Spring Water Natural



A brand of the Danone Group store in a cool, dry and clean place away from light. Do not refill.



Volvic® Natural Spring Water. 100% recyclable. Emerges from a volcanic ecosystem.

Other Description

Drink 1, Give 10™. Volvic already provided 200 million liters of clean safe drinking water to children in Africa. For each liter of Volvic water you purchase*, Volvic will donate 5¢ to selected non-profit organizations. Together we can Make A Difference™. For more information: www.drink1give10.com. *Check for applicable dates at www.drink1give10.com. Sustainable development is our priority and over the past decade and a half we have already reduced several times the plastic weight of our bottles and are working to continue to do so. All our bottles are partially made with post-consumer recycled plastic (rPET). Please recycle! Bottled at the source. Our body requires water to function at its best. During its journey through 6 layers of volcanic rocks, Volvic natural spring water acquires its unique mineral composition. Trachyandesite. Basalt. Puzzolana. Granite. Source: Clairvic spring, Volvic, France. Volvic is a registered trademark of the Societe des Eaux de Volvic, used Ami Brands, LLC. ©2010 Ste Volvic. www.volvic-na.com. For inquiries or a report on bottled water quality & information: phone: 1-800-233-6200.