ArtSkills Edging Scissors - 3 PC



ArtSkillsĀ® Edging Scissors. 3 Designs included! Zigzag. Scallop. Ridge. Cut dynamic shapes & borders!

Other Description

A family-owned & operated company. Tips: 1.Ridge scissors cut exciting shapes out of colored paper that you can use as shapes or frames. 2.Scallop scissors create fun shapes out paper that can be layered on top of dark paper gluing to poster. 3.Zigzag scissors cut dramatic shapes that can be adorned with ArtSkills glitter, gems, markers, or glitter glue! Visit our poster gallery for thousands of great ideas! 100% Recycled fiber. Please retain packaging for future reference. For Questions and Comments, please Email: [email protected]. Need an idea? Visit: Ā©2015 ArtSkills, Inc.