Rid-X Septic System Treatment 3 Monthly Doses



Use every month. Shake bottle before use. For tanks up to 1500 gallons, pour 8 oz, into the toilet or any sink drain. Flush toilet or run water down sink drain for 15 seconds.



Rid-X® Septic System Treatment 3 Monthly Doses. #1 Brand*. Help Prevent Septic Backups**. Safe for all Pipes and Tanks.

Other Description

Scientifically proven to help prevent septic backups**. Rid-X® contains 100% natural bacteria and enzymes proven to break down household waste and help prevent expensive septic backups. Contains bacteria cultures, enzymes, micronutrients and water carrier. Questions? 1-800-228-4722. For ingredient information www.rid-x.com. Reckitt Benckiser. *Based on national sales. **Along with regular pumping. ©2011 RB. All rights reserved.


Keep out of reach of children.
Caution: Read precautions on back.
Caution: Contains enzymes. May cause eye irritation. May cause mild skin irritation after prolonged contact. Inhaling mist from this product could cause irritation to the lungs and mucous membranes. Ingestion could cause irritation to the mouth and throat. Individuals having known allergies, as well as those with respiratory disease or disorders, should avoid contact with this product.
First aid: If in eyes, rinse eyes with water for fifteen minutes, if irritation persists, see a physician. If on skin, wash the product off the skin with soap and water. If irritation develops, see a physician. If inhaled, move to fresh air and avoid further contact with product. If breathing problems develop, see a physician. If ingested, drink water to dilute and call a physician. Induce vomiting only if advised by a physician.


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