ArtSkills Build and Create Clay Bucket Non-Hardening - 104 PC



ArtSkills® Build and Create Non-Hardening Clay Bucket. 3+.

Other Description

6 shape cutters. 4 clay tools. Contents: 1 bucket with lid. 50 non-drying clays. 42 stickers. 1 roller. 6 shaped cutters. 3 modeling tools. 1 project booklet. We proudly sponsor. Kids is need foundation. 100% recycled fiber. Contents and colors may vary. 6 animal projects. 4 fun projects. ArtSkills®. Look for other fun Art Skills® products! Activity bucket. Glitter shakers. Jumbo glitter glue. Poster making kit. Stickers bucket. Window painters. Brown bear: Heard, body, ears, eyes, legs, nose & mouth. Doggie: Ears, eyes, body, collar, head, legs, nose. Berry: Leaves/stem, berry, seeds. Train: Cabin, smoke stack, body, wheels, front. Butterfly: Antennae, body, spots, wings, stand. Dino: Eyes, head, body, arms, legs & feet. Teddy bear: Head, body ears, sticker eyes, nose & mouth, legs. Moon: Sticker eye, nose, mouth, moon shape. Star: Eyebrows, sticker eyes, nose, mouth, star shape body. Froggie: Eyeballs, tongue, head/back, front legs & feet, belly, black legs & feet. Please retain packaging for future reference. Email [email protected]. ©2015 ArtSkills, Inc.


Choking hazard - small parts.
Not for children under 3 years.