Evian Natural Spring Water



Evian® Natural Spring Water. From the French Alps. 500 ml / 1.05 pt.

Other Description

Evian water starts as snow and rain on the peaks of the pristine French Alps. Protected deep in the heart of the mountains, each drop filters through layers of mineral-rich glacial sands for over 15 years. Pure as nature intended, the water springs from the source in Evian-Les-Bains where it's been bottled since 1826. Source: Cachat Spring. Mineral composition (mg//L): Calcium: 80. Magnesium: 26. Potassium:1. Silica: 15. Bicarbonates: 360. Sulfates: 126. Chlorides: 6.8. Neutrally balanced pH: 7.2. Dissolved solids at 180°C: 309 ppm (mg/L) Evian has naturally occurring electrolytes contributing to the taste that nature intended. For inquiries or a report on bottled water quality & information: Call 1-800-833-3363 or Visit www.evian.com.


Natural Spring Water.